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Roadtrip Catalonia

Cataluña is number one in Spain when it comes to the sheer number of foreign visitors it attracts each year. Number one attraction is of course sparkling Barcelona. Then comes the Costa Brava with countless bays, rocky beaches and in between the most beautiful sand beaches. In the interior you will find countless medieval monasteries, lonely picturesque villages and Roman cities such as Tarragona. If you also have the Pyrenees in your backyard for skiing and hiking, Andorra as your neighbor, the Ebro delta for watching flamingos and more than a few excellent wine regions, then you should expect a lot of visitors. Be it for two weeks or three months, you will not get bored in Cataluña.


Andalusia is essentially what we think of when thinking of Spain. In the south we find, first of all, the flamenco culture, the olive orchards, beautiful old cities that radiate with their moorish heritage, orange trees and many many splendid small villages. In Andalusia you don't necessarily need to look for something extraordinary, you'll invariably run into it by coincidence. It's the part of Spain that's ideal to get lost for a bit and not to plan anything ahead. Even more so if you are here in winter, for a longer stay to escape the cold of the north. Over a 1000 km of beach and walk around in a T-shirt in the middle of winter? Got that! Breathtaking Seville with over two millenniums of history and culture? Check! A wealth of nature in the rural areas? Got that too! It bridges the continents of Europe and Africa and it's also where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean. It's a days' ride from Valencia and more than worth the trip.  



Andalusia is the part of Spain where you will find most of the remnants of the 800 years under Moorish rule. So while you are there why not hop over to the muslim world? It is easily done from the southernmost tip of Europe. "That's only for the brave" we can hear you think. Well, it's not that bad actually. Marocco is not Europe and it's not to everybody's liking. But these days the country is well equipped for tourism, it's relatively tolerant and modern, there are enought campings and the roads are good. More importantly it's a country with a wealth of history, a rich variety in climate and landscape, modern and traditional, western and islamic and very much worth the adventure. This route has been done by Astrid Boddingius. You can read up on their trip here. For more info on Marocco and motorhomes try Camper Countries, hit the translate button to the lower right for English.

Cruising Central Spain


On this route that goes mainly through Castilla-La Mancha you will get to know the proper Spain. The Spain of Cervante's Don Quijote with the windmills to boot and the Manchego Cheese. For the outdoor activities we will cross the Serranía de Cuenca before we continue to Madrid. Of course there's plenty to be done in Madrid city but we'll give you a few tips out of the city as well. We will even include the Warner Brothers entertainment park. On our way back we will pass by lagoons, through quirk little villages and then back to the nature reserve of L'Albufera right next to Valencia. Wich brings us back home. A nice varied route with something for everyone. This route is also included in the Easy Traveling app.

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