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Motorhome Holidays of Piet and Bernadette

Motorhome Holidays Valencia

On Wednesday, February 14, we left early for Valencia by plane. When we arrived there we were picked up by Gert, who took us to the motorhome and provided us with all the necessary information, extra inventory such as glasses, knives, towels and an extra blanket (needed), which made the stay in the motorhome extra pleasant . He also helped us with mounting the electric bikes on the bike rack and arranged the paper work for us.

The camper with which we were going to travel was an Adria 670 SC and we were very content with it.

After the necessary instructions we first drove to the supermarket to buy foodstuff and then on to the first campsite south of Valencia. We then took some time to explore Valencia by bike.20180216_123434 - kopie.jpg

Valencia is a very relaxed city and by going there by bike, you get to see all the nice places. Cycling through the park that crosses the city, laid out in the bed of the former river Turia, you can reach the various places to visit. After exploring the area of ​​Albufera, the rice fields and the beach, we started a tour through southeastern Spain.

On Sunday we left for 2 nights to a campsite more inland, Vallee de Laguar, where we arrived in the mist. Along the way we had visited the coast in various places to get an impression of the coastline and the various areas. Immediately we were told that the campsite was full and that we could not stay longer than 2 nights, this because of the arrival of a camper club from Belgium. A very pleasant camping owner made apologies for this. We took a walk that afternoon and saw the mist rising and a beautiful sunny beach appearing in the distance. At the end of our walk we ended up in the restaurant Caballo Verde of the village where the Spanish families walk Sunday afternoons with  lunches afterwards. We were invited to drink a glass of wine with one of them and enjoyed the family atmosphere and the Spanish hospitality and customs. We asked if we could come to eat the next day, but the restaurant closed for 10 days holiday, unfortunately!
The next day a beautiful walk to Benimaurell with lovely spring weather and flowering almond and cherry trees all over. Also the flowering mimosa and the trees with lemons and oranges gave a sunny spring feeling.

We arrived in Benimaurell at 14.30 and we got a a Menu del Dia in the local bar, which tasted great. Then we returned home with a satisfied feeling and a very nice day.20180215_124012 - kopie.jpg
The next day a departure day. Because we had heard that it was very busy on the coast, we had already sent an email to the campsite we wanted to visit, but were informed that they were full, but possibly in Creveillent, which could offer a motorhome location more inland. First we would visit Guadelest and then continue to Creveillent. We arrived in Guadelest, a cute little town in the mountains with a castle and a beautiful reservoir, we were directed to a parking lot, which was so suitable to stay for the night, that we asked the tourist information if were allowed to stay. That was allowed and we were not the only overnight guests. It was wonderfully quiet and dark.
After visiting the town, again on a radiant day, we walked to the reservoir and in a special place, a refuge, in the garden we had a drink and that was a special experience; to sit between the steep wall climbers.

Meanwhile it was Wednesday and we left for Creveillent. We passed by the supermarket to get some food and drove to a campsite behind the hotel Les Palmares. A small very quiet campsite (you would not think when you arrive, lots of garages and industry), where we spent 3 nights. There was also a beautiful swimming pool that unfortunately was still too cold (at night 8 degrees and therefore less than 15 degrees during the day).
Here we wanted to cycle again, which was possible because it was much less mountainous. It was a bit of a search not to have to drive along the motorways, but that was reasonably successful. We arrived in a beautiful nature reserve, the Laguna El Fondo, where you could cycle through and make beautiful pictures of the birds living there in various places in observation huts. The way back was a bit more tricky, because we came out differently than we thought. We went for a drink on a typical Spanish terrace (simple plastic tables and garden chairs) and we asked a group of cyclists for directions. We got a delicious plate of Spanish sausage and cheese with our drink and the cyclists gave us the requested information. Again, this was an unexpected encounter with Spanish hospitality and the casual way of life. We had a nice day.20180305_151615.jpg

The next day on the bike to Elche. The city was a bit disappointing, many palm gardens, but a boring city with hardly a center and lots of cars. Here we had the Valencian way, to convert a riverbed into a park, recreated, but that did not have the look that Valencia has. The bike ride to and from Elche went well until I crossed a crossing, because cars came from two sides and we had no priority. Piet did not pay attention and fell, no major injuries, but he did break  the mudguard. We did get home unscathed.
From Creveillent we decided on Saturday to go to the Sierra Espuna near Alahama de Murcia. A small campsite in the interior, beautiful location, but the road to it was pretty bad. Fortunately, we had a good description and we knew that we had to take the long road, suitable for caravans and motorhomes. We spoke to several people who did not know that and had been terrified on the narrow bad road.
We stayed here for 5 nights, because you could walk here beautifully from the campsite.
On our arrival day a short orientation walk made by and around the village and drunk again on a typical Spanish terrace. Wonderful to watch the village life.
On Sunday we did our first walk of 3-4 hours to the village of La Perdiz. Approximately after an hour of walking we met a man who stumbled remarkably. He passed us and we continued, but when we were still discussing the route a little later, he passed from behind us. He turned out to be lost in the mountains and had been walking for more than 4 hours. He wanted to go to La Perdiz, wich is where we wanted to go. We assured him that this was still an hour's walk and that El Berro, where he indicated that his car was standing, was closer. He insisted he wanted to walk with us. He tossed and almost occasionally fell, I thought he might have diabetes and had a hypo and offered him something to eat. He had something to eat himself, but he remained standing on his legs very unsteadily. In order to keep pace, I took the lead and Piet followed with the wandering man.
About an hour later we arrived at Le Perdiz in the inhabited world and we could leave him behind with peace of mind. We urged him to take a taxi or a lift back to El Berro and not just keep walking the last 2 hours. When we reached El Berro 1.5 hours later, we could just see him leave in his car. He had apparently followed our advice.Monday a lovely sunny day and after first enjoying the morning of the sun, a walk through the valley with beautiful fruit trees and of course afterwards a drink on the terrace of the local bar.

Tuesday started a little rainy, but it did not rain hard, so decided to take a walk. We chose a road that ran to Gebas and which we could take back home via a different path. Together about 12.5 km. Again a very varied walk, where we had to walk over a kind of irrigation canal and later through a kind of gorge. a path of about 2 meters wide between 2 walls of sand-lime brick. Suddenly through a tunnel, where at a given moment we could barely see. Fortunately, we had a flashlight function on the phone.
Of course we were hoping for a nice restaurant where we could have a drink, but unfortunately the restaurant was closed that day and we had to get back, now through a forest. A path that occasionally rose and then fell again, but was easy to walk.20180220_134225 - kopie.jpg
The next day we actually wanted to continue with the camper, we had now decided after long deliberations and roads not to do a round of Madrid, partly because the weather was not good there and it turned out to be very cold at night. Before we wanted to travel to Valencia again, we would like to visit the coast between Mazarron and Cartagena, but no matter how we tried, all the campsites indicated were full. Finally, after staying another day in El Berro, we found a motorhome campsite 20 km off the coast of Mazarron in a kind of nature reserve. A great place in the middle of nature, which, as I understand from the website, is only for members. However, we can just say there for the modest tariff of 10 euros.
In the evening there is a very strong wind. The camper swings back and forth and got me a bit frightened. At night I slept with earplugs not to hear the wind. I take the moving of the motorhome for granted, feels like flying with turbulence.
The next morning we decide to leave for the beach with the motorhome since Mazarron is more than 20 km cycling and we were warned to save the battery of the electric bike because the way back is a lot of climbing. We will see if the surroundings of Mazaron can be explored by bike.

Once we got there, it turns out there's a very large parking lot with a view of the beach at Bolnuevo, where you can stay at night if you do not show camping behavior. (no chairs outside, no washing on the line).
We go cycling, Mazarron for the necessary shopping and exploring the area. On our trip we come across a beautiful bay where we take pictures. We notice that this place seems to be designed to accommodate large groups of motor home owners. That seems a problem to us, especially if there are many more tourists, streets full of campers, that is not what you want as a municipality!
At the end of the day we decide that we have actually seen it here and are still on our way to our next goal: a campsite that is more inland. We were confirmed by mail that they still have space.
Around 7 pm we arrive in Pinoso, a beautiful fertile region with lots of fruit, almond trees and nurseries, after we have passed 3 times the campsite. (signage is very minimal and the sign where we have to go is so small that we miss it initially). The campsite is only open and new. The reception is already closed and we may choose a location as announced. First we make a stop at the service station and after fresh water discharged and again have taken fresh water we choose a campsite. While we are accomodationg ourselves, the campsite manager comes along, Caroline welcomes us and asks how long we want to stay. It rains and to make matters worse we seem to lose our adapter and therefore can not connect power. We agree to arrange things the next day, because we can do a night without we have learned. Pinoso and surroundings are beautiful cycling areas, but it is a pity that little is known about it and there is no signposting. We therefore cycle around and enjoy the beautiful plantations with all kinds of fruit trees. We also visit the town of Pinoso, which gives us an hour of nice views and beautiful pictures.
The decision is certain: tomorrow we leave again because here there's not much to do, so on to the coast. Partly due to the fact that the weather is predicted to be really bad in the interior and that it seems to be a little better on the coast, we want to spend 2 more days on the coast. Our journey is almost over and that's why we want to enjoy the sun. We send an email to several campsites along the coast if there's room. Not everyone sends an answer back. Sunday is a travel day with the forecast of a lot of rain and occasionally sun we drive through the area around Alcoy. A beautiful area, where it is good to walk as we can see from the car. Towards the end of the afternoon we are going to 3 campsites out of wich none is too charming; too full, too dark and too small.
In Cullera there appears to be a large campsite, where we can park our camper and we are assured that you can stay there at night and we do.
The next day we go to a different spot in the neighborhood and choose to go inland by bike. A nice bike ride along the water, the fishing port and farmlands. Unfortunately also a lot of debris, furniture and other dumped junk. The Spaniard still has a lot to learn!20180306_112958 - kopie.jpg
Back at the motorhome we understand from a helpful German (we notice that we are considered Spaniards and people are surprised that we suddenly speak German, French and English), that our chosen parking spot may get us a fine of € 300. So we move. Again, there is a huge and violent wind that shakes our camper. Upon awakening there is still wind, which will only become stronger as the day progresses.
It is today is Tuesday 6 March and on 7 March we will fly home in the evening. After breakfast we decide, before we start the return trip to Valencia, to visit the boulevard again and drink coffee. There we appear to be protected from the harsh westerly wind and it is wonderful. We walk down the entire boulevard and at the end we arrive at such a beautiful sunny and sheltered bay, that we decide to get back to it with the motorhome and have lunch in that very spot. We enjoy the sun, the sea, the peace and our lunch.
In Valencia we spend the last night at camper park Valencia, a great campsite to spend the last night at 20 minutes driving distance from the landlord. We are warmly welcomed by the manager and are offered a glass of sangria as a welcome.
The next morning we leave for the camper rental to return our camper. That also goes smoothly without problems and around noon we are dropped off by Gert at the Valencia train station, where we can leave our suitcases in a locker.
We spend another wonderful afternoon in Valencia, visit the Mercado and the Silk Fair, after which we find a terrace for lunch. Later in the afternoon we visit two more stores where beautiful silk fabrics are sold. Then it is time to pick up our suitcases and take the metro to the airport.20180306_132828.jpg

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