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Yes you can drive all of our motorhomes with your B driving license. For insurance reasons the driver must be at least 26 years old en in posesion of the drivers' license two years or more.

First and foremost, it's the freedom. You can go wherever you want to. If you like some place you stay, if you don't then it's off you go. Simple as that. You always have your kitchen and hotel with you so no need to plan ahead where to sleep and where to eat. You can have a coffee break at this nice spot at the beach, eat something or, why not, stay for the night. Spain has a wide range of proper campsites, more and more motorhome parkings and you may consider wild camping as well. In other words there is a wide choice of what to do and how to do it. 

Second it's very versatile. With your motorhome you can go surfing, hiking, cycling, visit cities, nature reserves, be a beach bum etc. The list is never ending and Spain has all of that on offer. 

Third it's very comfortable. Our modern motorhomes have all you need on board; hot water, good beds, a dining area, your own kitche and enought storage to take along all you need. Children will love it without exception. They have more than space enough when compared to a car, on longer rides they can enjoy themselves at the table and sleeping is an adventure in its own right. 

No, a motorhome drives lika a van. They're a bit long wide and high but you'll get used to that fast. We advice people to have the copilot get down and assist when it comes to parking and other tight maneuvers. Your rear end swings out when turning, something to keep in mind when parking and when going through narrow streets. Be alert and you'll be fine. A major advantage of a motorhome is that you are high up and that's good for your oversight. Hou er ook rekening mee dat je achtereind uitzwenkt in de bochten. Als je dat allemaal in de gaten houdt dan komt het goed. Voordeel is dat je hoog zit en dat geeft veel overzicht over het verkeer.

No, the things you need to know are no rockte science and we take ample time (about an hour) to explain just to make sure that nobody leaves without having understood all. If things still go haywire somewhere then we are available 24/7 throuhg mobile or whatsapp for assistance

Yes you will. No one has ever returned telling us they had a hard time finding somewhere to sleep. You should know that 3/4 of our clientele roams Spain off season. More and more campsites stay open in the low season and lots of folks from the north find their way to the mild Spanish climate to spend winter here. The market sees this demand so finding a place open is hardly ever a problem. Apart from that we have the NKC/Campercontact Motorhome Parkings with an excellent app for android and Iphone. With the Campingcard ACSI you have access to 3300 campsites with an off season discount

No. As opposed to some northern countries you can hire any number of days. 

Practically any day of the year and all year long. And that makes looking for a matching flight very easy. Tip: flying at weekdays is often cheaper then in and around the weekend.

Can I do a motorhome trip with small children?

Yes you can and we think you should! Many have done so before you and they were all deligted, no exceptions. Lots of space inside, comfort and safety make a motorhome an ideal vehicle for childrens holidays. Kids will be glad to have enough space to tinker, draw or play while driving. Sleeping in bed while driving is officially not allowed because of the obligation to buckle up but unoffically it's done. If someone needs a pee brake or a diaper change you just pull over. As you brought your kitchen along food is prepared with the wind of an eye. Sleeping, normally high up in the alcove, is adventure in itsself. And of course we don't need to mention the campsites or the great outdoors that children always thoroughly enjoy. 

In general the story goes like this:

  • Campervan: Max two adults or two adults with small children. These campers are not wider than a normal van and that's the reason many people choose these. You will sleep comfortably in easily accessible beds (sleeping up to 4). Proper shower and bathroom inside the van along with a dinette and a cooking area. With these vans narrow roads and city visits are no problem. Be it a bit long, you'll often park it where any normal car parks.
  • Low profile Motorhome. This is the favourite of companies of two up to five. Big enough to spend time inside the motorhome comfortably, more than enough storage space. These models will do for four adults as well. 
  • Overcab motorhomes. These are the big boys that fit the whole family comfortably. Especially if travelling with not so young children it's good to have space. With smaller children it's good to always have 4 berths readily available without having to convert the dinette or sacrifice living space. For four adults these are also the right choice together with the A class. 

If you think you may not be able to fit the whole company in your motorhome then consider hiring one of our camping sets (or bring your own). Most camp sites have pitches big enough for a tent beside the motorhome en the children probably will enjoy sleeping out in a tent.

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